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Mister KUYO Kessié Jean, an Ivorian native, is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of KUYO PIPELINE

In Africa, he worked for a belgian company (UMAC) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), in Gabon and Cameroon

After studying welding at the WELDING INSTITUTE OF PARIS from where he graduated in nuclear TIG welding, he worked for the following companies:

  • BOCCARD & CO in Lyons, France , in the nuclear power station of BUGER,
  • PONTICELLI & FRERES in the nuclear power station of BLAYE,
  • The Nuclear power station of TRICASTIN(in the South of France)
  • Atomic Research Centre, in France (CEA) SACLAY in France for the construction of the reactor ORPHE.
  • Nuclear power station of GRAVELINE in the north of France.

He also worked in IRAK (Tamouz) with the company FRAMATOME and TECHNICATOME. He spent two (2) years and half there.